Vinyasa-constantly moving, connecting breath with movement, building the inner fire.  Vinyasa practice will heat the body up quickly and naturally.  Please remember to bring your towel and sweatbands.  Suitable for people who have been practicing consistently for at least a month, who are privy to the ‘yoga lingo’ (whatever that is).

Bro-ga-all you tight men out there loosen up already.  This class is for you to free your hips, quads and hamstrings without feeling completely inadequate while the ladies school you.

Yoga Thugs-get your thug on.  Join us for a hip-hop inspired class.

Kids Yoga-little show-offs—they have no problem turning into pretzels.  We’ll read stories, hiss and bark at each other, walk like crabs and whatever else inspires us.  Parents hang in the lounge and enjoy a cup of tea. (classes are 45 mins, ages 5+)

Classless Yoga-we all gotta start somewhere.  This class is focused on beginners, breaking down the breath and poses, making them all approachable and dummy-proof.

Old-School Yoga-traditional Hatha yoga practice.  We’ll hold the poses for a longer time, connect with our breath and do our best to lose our minds.  This class is suitable for beginners-advanced practitioners.

Yoga Rave-electronic beats coupled with Vinyasa Flow.  Nuff said.  Suitable for all levels.

New parents-bring your newborn, keep them in their carseat while you practice.  Get out of the house, network with other new parents while you enjoy a cup of tea after practice.