Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga: “The word “hatha” may esoterically be said to derive from the Sanskrit terms “ha” meaning “sun” and “tha” meaning “moon”. Thus, Hatha Yoga is known as the branch of Yoga that unites pairs of opposites referring to the positive (sun) and negative (moon) currents in the system.”[1] Historically, however, the term haṭha refers to the use of persistence or force, and haṭha yoga is translated by the Monier-Williams dictionary as “a kind of forced Yoga or abstract meditation (forcing the mind to withdraw from external objects; treated of in the Haṭha‐pradīpikā by Svātmārāma and performed with much self‐torture, such as standing on one leg, holding up the arms, inhaling smoke with the head inverted &c.).” From Wikipedia.

And if you understand that, props to you!

A Hatha Yoga practice incorporates breathing (hopefully), holding poses, and meditation.  Ideally, a regular practice will loosen you up, calm your mind, and create a little more patience and tolerance, one day at a time.  We can’t guarantee you’ll be an urban monk after one class, but you’ll definitely be on your way.  Classes consist of warming up in a fluid sun salutation and then practicing a variety of different asanas (poses) that will target the entire body.  All classes will offer variations for all different levels and you’re welcome to take class to whatever level you’re most comfortable with.