Beginners Yoga

At Village Yoga Chicago we believe Yoga is for all beings, no matter size, shape, color or creed.  All beginner level classes are full of clear, concise communication.  You’re not expected to know a foreign language, touch your toes or make a weird group noise while closing your eyes.  We get it, you’re new to yoga, inflexible, afraid to look bad, think public ‘Om-ing’ is a bit odd and overall don’t want to be in class unable to bend yourself into a pretzel.  Guess what?  We all start somewhere.

At the Village we offer beginner classes in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga.  If that makes no sense to you, hopefully the following will.  Hatha Yoga is the practice of holding asanas (steady poses), easing into them while focusing on your breath and allowing your mind to relax and stay present.  Sound impossible?  It was for me in the beginning, but it all comes together when we keep an open mind, remain teachable and have the willingness to experience whatever will happen to us on our new Yoga journey.

Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of moving in and out of asanas with ease, connecting our breath with the movements and relaxing our minds enough to stay in each moment.  A vinyasa class will consist of a creative sequence with flowing movements, core (abdominal) work, back strengthening, and balancing.  As practitioners of yoga, it’s important to keep a light heart and open mind.  We will fall, we will ache, we will love, we will laugh.  Enjoy whatever the practice has in store for you.  Please do not ever feel inadequate at any time.  We are all exactly where we’re supposed to be and we all move at our own pace, not our neighbors pace.  Bodies are different, some will never want to balance on their heads and others will do it the first time.  NO COMPARING, NO JUDGING.  Kapish?