Level 1 Village Flow


 The Village Level 1 Vinyasa Class is an introduction to both Hatha and Vinyasa (the physical practice of yoga) where we connect breath with movement, break down poses, move through basic flow sequences, ignite the core, build back strength and practice balancing poses. This class is suitable for all levels.


Level 1-2 Village Flow



The Village Flow Level 1-2 focuses on strengthening and refining the foundation of your practice. This class allows and encourages you to begin to deepen into your practice with an emphasis on the breath and healthy alignment. These classes are great for the student with a bit of previous experience.


Level 2       Village          Flow


The Village Flow Level 2 Class is an intermediate class which introduces more challenging poses, flows, and pranayama techniques. Building on the foundations of healthy alignment, movement is linked with breath. Classes generally flow to encourage the evolution of one's practice as moving meditation. You'll be introduced to a more vigorous yoga practice. Moving at a faster pace, these classes build stamina and strength while developing  grace and flexibility. These classes are for the experienced yoga practitioner.


Level 2-3   Village          Flow        


The Village Flow Level 2-3 class is an intermediate/advanced practice designed for students who have a strong regular practice. This dynamic and creative class consistently explores the more advanced practices of yoga and moves at a vigorous pace. This one is for the student with the heart of an explorer!


Level 1-3 LunchTime Village Flow


Got a busy day and really need your yoga practice?! This is the class for you! This mixed level, 50-minute class is great for the newer student and the student who enjoys a bit of a challenge.



Stretch & Restore



 Stretch & Restore is a yoga class designed to nurture every student of yoga. This class helps to revitalize the body through gentler movements, both dynamic and static, restorative poses, meditation, and pranayama (breathing techniques). This class is suitable for students with little or no yoga experience,  students in need of a more relaxing practice, and people recovering from injuries.