Welcome to our Village in Lincoln Park Chicago! 

We like to think of the Village as a little oasis in our bustling city.  All of us who teach, practice and grow here are dedicated to the practice and our lives are filled with beauty and grace as a direct result of practice.  It’s our hope that you’ll come experience us for yourself.

As always our mission is to provide you with a space to heal, grow and transform: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We are yogis: adaptable, adjustable, accommodating.  We welcome ALL levels and ALL walks of life.  We revel in diversity and cherish our community. 

We look forward to meeting you in our Village soon!

om shanti,

Village Yoga Chicago


Find out about our community, our mission, our methods and why now is the time to practice yoga in the Village.

New to Yoga?

Every expert was once a beginner!  If you're nervous about stepping on the mat, check out our beginner resources or purchase 2 weeks Unlimited for just $30 now!

The Village Voice

Dive deeper into your practice with articles from our teachers and find out the inner-happenings at The Village.